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1Z0-1077-20: Oracle Order Management Cloud 2020

1Z0-1077-20: Oracle Order Management Cloud 2020

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Price: $19.99

Global Order Promising (GOP)

  • Create Order Promising Rules (Sourcing and Allocation rules)

  • Describe Data Collection and Order Promising

  • Describe Resolution of Backlog and Rescheduling of orders

Order Orchestration

  • Define Orchestration

  • Identify Components of Orchestration and create an Orchestration process

  • Describe Orchestration statuses

  • Manage Fulfillment Systems

Processing Constraints and Hold Codes

  • Create a Constraint Entity and a Processing Constraint (including Order Validation)

Configure Orders

  • Select Configurable options in a Configurable product

Advance Fulfillment and Integrations

  • Explain Advance Order processing (Back to Back, ISO, DropShip)

  • Create an Internal Sales Order utilizing the integration with Procurement Cloud

  • Describe the creation of Back to Back and DropShip orders utilizing the integration with Procurement Cloud

  • Explain the Integration with Manufacturing and Planning Cloud

Oracle Configurator Cloud

  • Explain Configurator Models and model types

  • Create an ATO model, structure, and Item Numbering setup

  • Create a workspace

  • Explain model structures

  • Create an item-based model structure

  • Use Configurator Rules

  • Create a Configurator Rule in CDL

  • Create a Multi-Channel User Interface

  • Use Configurator Models to configure services and related items

Costing and Inventory Foundations

  • Explain Common Inventory Configurations

  • Describe Managerial Accounting Basics

  • Explain Cost Accounting

Oracle Order to Cash Cloud Overview

  • Describe different Order types (e.g. Standard order, Return order)

  • Create Extensible Flexfields and explain User Interface customization for Cloud

  • Explain how a user would create (and print or email) a formatted order document

Order Transformation

  • Explain types of Transformation

  • Create Business Rules for Transformation

  • Describe Source Systems

  • Describe Web Services

  • Create Defaulting Rules

Change Management and Process Assignment

  • Explain Change Management

  • Manage Compensation

  • Define Process Assignment Rules

  • Revise Orders (add, modify, or cancel

Managing External Interfaces

  • Create External Interface Routing Rules

  • Import Orders

  • Delete orders from interface tables


  • Describe the set up for basic Shipping

  • Manage Pick Waves and Pick Confirm transactions

  • Describe Ship Confirm

  • Manage Shipment Tolerances for Sales Orders

Reporting and Analytics for Order Management

  • Set up BI and Reporting

  • Set up Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Metrics

  • Describe customized Reporting

Oracle Pricing Cloud

  • Describe Pricing components

  • Describe Pricing Strategies

  • Manage Price and Cost Lists

  • Manage Tiers and Matrices

  • Manage Pricing Charge Definitions

  • Manage Pricing Totals

  • Explain Pricing Algorithms

  • Manage Service Mappings

  • Explain Mass Import of Price Lists

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