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250-400 Management Altiris Management Client Suite 7.0 Exam

250-400 Management Altiris Management Client Suite 7.0 Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) What I Component Management Application Inventory Solution allows administrators to perform?

a) identity use on a specific computer applications

b) manage applications from any whitelist or blacklist

c) compare changes in files and registry between two computers

d) backup registry keys from two different computers

e) None

Q) The administrator wants to update the computer users from Windows XP to Windows Vista. PC Transplant administrator switch should limit the amount of data to be copied to the network clung to this process, which is change the type of installation allows me Administrator to accomplish this?

a) switches to save the file

b) cloning switches

c) switches the image files

d) The file system is switched

e) None

Q) The administrator must make the application available for delivery to their environment, corporate policy requires a manager’s approval before you install any application on a managed client What shipping method will allow the administrator to achieve this objective while respecting the corporate policy?

a) Fast shipping

b) Managed Software Delivery

c) Software Portal

d) Package Delivery

e) None

Q) Administrator deployment solutions (Isa) • Testing the installation Testing manure application, an administrator notices a few flies that do not have the mat should have been included in my installer app. What are tons of ways to include additional files in the installer application? (Choose two) multi-select

a) I use the task File Copy

b) change my software problem Deploy

c) use Setup Capture

d) use Wise MSI Editor

e) I use the task Change settings


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