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3 Simple Steps to Recording Great Sounding Voice Over Audio!

3 Simple Steps to Recording Great Sounding Voice Over Audio!

Price: $94.99

In less than an hours time, I can show you how to produce a GREAT sounding Voice Over using simple step-by-step instructions, and using tools and software that are very inexpensive! ☆☆☆☆☆ OVER 60 REVIEWS!

Have you ever wondered what voice over processing tips can make your voice sound better on a recording? Have you ever tried to listen to a video or podcast, only to find the author has recorded his voice over too low, or worse, the audio is loud and distorted, and sounds like they’re talking through a kazoo?

My personal pet peeve is hearing plosives, pops, and breaths distorting the audio every time says a word starting with a P or B! At the end of the day, there’s a simple reason why we have very little patience for bad audio quality in a voice over…

People will forgive a bad image, but they will not forgive bad sound.

I have been recording videos, screencasts, screen recordings, and voice overs for well over 10 years, recording for my own company, tonyteach, as well as others such as Creative Cow, Infinite Skills, and even Lynda[dot]com. During this time, through many trials and errors, playing with different audio softwares, microphones, and hardwares – I was able to develop simple voice over processing tips to produce quality audio, every single time I recorded. More importantly, I was able to do all of this without breaking the bank, and I’ve summed it up into a short, easy to follow, 30+ minute course

3 Simple Steps to Recording Great Sounding Voice Over Audio!

• In this course, I can show you how to set up your voice over recording area, but also I tell you why.

• Learn how NOT to get those annoying echoes & reverbs when recording your voiceover

• Discover why 99% of the time, I record my voice without having a SINGLE pop, or plosive in the audio.

See why I only use a $40 USB mic that fits in the palm of my hand, for 98% of my voice over recordings.
I can show all of this, and more, in 3 Simple Steps 🙂


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