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5 Practical Management concepts you MUST know

5 Practical Management concepts you MUST know

Price: $39.99

There are a large number of management terms that create a dense environment of confusion for any manager. Workshops, executive management programs, seminars on the latest management flavor of the day – there is far too much being thrown at practicing managers. No one can can possibly keep up with new concepts irrespective of their attractiveness. You want something practical and applicable immediately.

This program cuts through the chaos and gives you FIVE important concepts in a simple way that you can easily apply in your career and do brilliantly.

The concepts are a mix of traditional and modern. Yet, absorbing and applying them will make you extremely effective. They will allow to seamlessly shift between the strategic, the tactical and the operational. You will be able to more clearly define what innovation really means, how to handle people of varying temperaments, clearly understand how to apply the concept of SWOT, how to led differently depending on the situation and introduce change in a sophisticated way with an assurance that the change will take effect.

Through videos by an internationally renowned leadership coach, presentations and quizzes, you will be able to crack the code and absorb concepts easily and apply them immediately.

You should consider this tight program if you want to learn complex concepts expressed in very simple ways and if you are ambitious and want to develop a reputation as a highly effective manager.


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