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50 Tools for the Ultimate Accelerated Learning Office

50 Tools for the Ultimate Accelerated Learning Office

Price: $94.99

(Make sure to read about the special 2-for-1 course bonus at the bottom of this description)

This course has a history…

In 2014 I published my second course (I now have over 50 available on Udemy).

It was called 50 Learning Machines.

It was my collection of all my favorite software tools for learning faster.

As a bonus, I included about 15 of my favorite pieces of hardware that I use for learning.

It turned out that this hardware bonus was just as popular, if not more popular, with my students than the software, apps and plugins I recommended in the main body of the course.

Over the years I’ve added to my collection of hardware tools and developed this idea of building hte ultimate workbench for accelerated learners.

This course is the result of that 3 year mission.

This time around all 50 machines are hardware tools, and I’ve even included some bonuses on top of the original 50 that cover some cutting edge technology that I think is worth taking a look at.

This course has cost me over $10,000 in testing to create. I’ve tested tons of different items to come up with this final list. I’ve done lots of research on each category of tool to find the best in the category. I’ve optimized for price and performance.

Along with the tools, I also share how I use them, which is just as valuable, if not more so, than the list of tools itself.

You’ll learn many strategies here that I don’t teach in my other courses and am revealing here for the first time.

The first edition of 50 Learning Machines was one of my best selling courses and great reviews.

BONUS for a limited time:

As a bonus, every student that finishes this course to 100% will get free access to the original 50 learning machines course with all the original software, mobile apps and browser extensions completely free.

See you on the inside.



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