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5x Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Tests -2021

5x Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Tests -2021

Price: $84.99

What you get:

  • 270+ Questions designed by a Salesforce Expert with 14 Certifications.

  • 4 x 55 Questions Practice Tests.

  • 1 x 60+ Questions Practice Test.

Are you new to Salesforce and Marketing Cloud? Are you a pro-Marketing Cloud Developer wanting to get Marketing Cloud Developer Certified?

If so, this is the course for you!

In this course, you will find over 270 questions created by a Salesforce expert with over 14 Certifications, and over 5 years of experience as an Admin, Consultant, and Salesforce Application Architect.

This course includes 270+ questions broken into 5 Practice tests to prepare you for the variety of the Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Certification.

Each test covers the 5 topics present in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam guide, to give you the perfect exam experience as it will be when you take the actual exam.

Look forward to five types of questions:

  • Conceptual Questions: what each functionality does, best practices, and how each functionality connects with others.

  • Setup Questions: where to find each Salesforce and Marketing Cloud functionality and how to set it up according to the correct best practices.

  • Real-world scenarios: the case a company is in will be presented, and you, as the Marketing Cloud Consultant in charge, will have to offer your professional advice.

  • Comparative Questions: out of a set of potential solutions, which one is the most efficient, and recommended by Salesforce and Marketing Cloud best practices.

  • Functionality and Code Questions: when to use the right automation tool, like AMP Script, Automation Studio, Server-side Javascript, and more!

We are not associated with Salesforce or Salesforce Exams in any way, these questions are designed for further education, and do not substitute studying the official content.


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