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6 in 1 – Office Communication Guide for Beginners

6 in 1 – Office Communication Guide for Beginners

Price: $79.99

  • Have you ever wonder that you have or you will be struggling communicating in meetings at office?

  • Have you ever thought your business Vocabulary need improvement ?

  • Have you ever had or can have conflict with colleagues or clients ?

  • Have you ever known there are ways to rock at workplace if you have right basics ?

if yes, then This course is for you , this will teach you the basics and advance level of important communication techniques which will help you to outperform and shine.

Below 6 in 1 Course is designed for you!

  1. Learn Meeting Structures and How to Conduct Meetings

  2. Golden Tips for meetings and workplace

  3. A Goldmine of 350 Business Vocabulary, 275 Business terms, Power Phrases

  4. Things to Do and Not to Do

  5. Outperform at workplace

  6. Conflict Resolution


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