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9A0-034 Adobe Acrobat Professional Product Practice Exam

9A0-034 Adobe Acrobat Professional Product Practice Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions:

Where can you go to add page actions within an Adobe PDF?

Choose Document > Pages > Insert

Choose Document > Pages > Set Page Transitions

Pages Navigation Pane > Choose Options > Page Properties

Pages Navigation Pane > Choose Options > Set Page Transitions

You want to automatically trigger the playing of an embedded movie when an Adobe PDF document is opened. Where should you set the options to do this?

choose View > Navigation Tabs > Pages

choose View > Navigation Tabs > Fields

choose View > Toolbars > Properties Bar

choose View > Navigation Tabs > Content

You have created an Adobe PDF document that will be viewed in a Web browser. When it opens, you would like users to see the Bookmark navigation tab. How can you set this option?

in the Pages panel, select Options > Page Properties

choose File > Document Properties and select Initial View

choose View > Navigation Tabs and select Bookmarks; save the document

open the Bookmark navigation tab; choose New Bookmark from the Options pull-down menu

You want to reduce the size of an existing Adobe PDF document so that it is suitable for emailing. You choose Advanced > PDF Optimizer; and then choose Acrobat 6.0 and later from the Compatible with pull-down menu. Which option in the Image tab is available only for color images?





You click the Fonts tab from the Adobe PDF Settings dialog box. What does it mean when the name of a font is preceded by a padlock icon?

The font cannot be found.

The font can only be subset.

The font has licensing restrictions.

The font has been locked by a user.

You have created a form field on a page of an Adobe PDF document. You want to use this same form field on the next three pages in the exact position as the original.What should you do?

choose Advanced > Forms > Fields > Duplicate

choose Advanced > Forms > Fields > Create Multiple Copies

select the field; choose Edit > Copy; go the next page and choose Edit > Paste

select the field; choose Edit > Copy; go to the next page and choose Edit > Paste and drag into position


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