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A Beginner’s Guide to Self Expression

A Beginner’s Guide to Self Expression

Price: $24.99

Welcome to Package #3 of the Leading With Emotional Intelligence Minor Program. In this 30-minute video lesson, you will learn to use 3 of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies as we talk about Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, and Independence. Self-expression is the ability to express your feelings and emotions, both verbally and nonverbally. You’ll discover how well you communicate how you feel to others so they aren’t left speculating, and how this positively impacts your relationships.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Use emotional intelligence to increase personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Build your confidence and ability as a leader
  • Generate a plan for self-development using the 3 core competencies of the Self Expression Composite Scale – Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, and Independence.


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