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A Complete Course on an IOT system – Design and Development

A Complete Course on an IOT system – Design and Development

Price: $39.99

This is a complete hands-on course on design and development of an IOT system from scratch. The major components (or modules) of an IOT system are a smart device, MQTT broker, cloud server, a web server with user interface through Google Home or Alexa. In this course, the students will learn to design and develop every component of an IOT system. They will learn how to design the hardware of an IOT smart device, learn how to develop the firmware using Arduino IDE. Then they will learn installing a cloud server and configuring it. Then, they will learn installing an MQTT broker in the cloud server, as well as installing a Django web server. They will then learn writing publish/subscribe programs for MQTT as well as web server so that users can activate any port of a smart device by clicking appropriate buttons on the browser of a remote computer. They will, then learn about linking the Google Home console server with their cloud server. They will learn how to write the needed programs for their web server to handle account linking and action fulfillment. At the completion of this step, they will be able to activate any port of their device by voice command on Google Home on their smart phone.

After completion of this course, students will acquire skills and knowledge about every module of an IOT system.

At the end of this hand-on course, they would have also developed a working IOT system that they can use in their home or office for applications such as turning ON/OFF of an equipment or any electrical load, opening a garage door, or using as a keyless entry controller to their house using a smart phone. They also would have built an IOT system that they can experiment with and learn further to enhance their skills and expertise in IOT. They also will have a system that can be used for making marketable products.


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