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A Complete Jira Tutorial

A Complete Jira Tutorial

Price: $19.99

This course will be covering the Entire aspects of Jira

  • What is Jira

    Project Management, Issue Tracking & Bug Tracking

  • Initial Setup for Jira

How to set up Jira and configure Projects in Jira

  • How to create Project in Jira

Creating different Project types in Jira

  • Team Managed Projects in Jira

How to configure Team Managed Projects & its features

  • Roadmap in Jira

Manage, Visualize & Forecast your teams output

  • Create Sprint in Jira

How Sprint can be created and how the issues can be brought into sprint

  • Estimation in Jira

Different Estimation type in Jira and how to configure and provide estimation for story in Jira

  • Issue types in Jira

Different type of issues in Jira and usage of it.

  • How to create issue in Jira

Issue creation and its details in Jira

  • How to edit issue in Jira

Fields which could be edited after creating the issue in Jira

  • How to create Subtask in Jira

Where the subtask could be created and its usage

  • How to create bug in Jira

Usage and how it could be created

  • Link issues in Jira

How to link stories, bugs & task in Jira

  • Product Backlog in Jira

How to configure Backlog and different issue type in Jira

  • How to create Epic in Jira

Epic Usage and grouping stories under Epic

  • Component in Jira

Usage and how it could be configured in Jira

  • Version in Jira

Usage and how to put different version type fields and configure the issues under version

  • Create Sprint in jira

How to push the stories under a sprint after its creation

  • Start Sprint in Jira

How to start a sprint with dates

  • Complete Sprint in Jira

How to complete a print and move the incomplete issues to next sprint


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