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A mindful path to emotional intelligence

A mindful path to emotional intelligence

Price: $34.99

Tired of the same emotional intelligence trainings based upon widely available theory? Discover a disruptive course that includes a critical outlook on the topic, designed to enhance your self-awareness, foster your well-being and self-control, and improve your relationships and career development.

Developing our emotional intelligence has proven benefits: on our well-being and mental health, our self-control, the quality of our relationships, the decisions we make under pressure, or our long-term choices. While many of us neglect our emotional abilities, a few questions can shed light on the reasons why it deserves your attention:

Are you satisfied with your career development or your job? Do you often feel under pressure? Are you fulfilled in your social, family or intimate relationships? Are you able to remain calm when you are frustrated? Do you know how to discipline yourself? Do you fear others’ judgment? Do you try to be nice to everyone at the expense of your own well-being? Are you impulsive? Is your communication with others healthy?

These questions pertain to life areas where we will experience problems in our lifetime. Furthermore, our predicament can and will generate anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness or demotivation that we must learn to manage. Therefore, I want to make this training useful to your life and personal development. This course isn’t merely a display of theory, it includes practical examples for you to identify with the principles put forward.

With this training that includes teachings from analytical psychology, NLP or cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will:

  • Learn about the use of emotional intelligence in your relationships, your workplace and your life

  • Understand your emotional triggers and mitigate their influence on your moods and behaviors

  • Expand your self-awareness to identify your negative thought patterns and foster your self-control

  • Improve your empathy and active listening skills to strengthen your social and professional engagement

  • Recognize your emotions and manage the negative ones (anger, stress, sadness)

  • Use tried and tested emotional intelligence tools to foster your fulfillment

This course is built to be pragmatic and to the point. Come and discover it by yourself, the first videos are at your disposal. When you subscribe to this training, you will have immediate access to a comprehensive educational content that includes, in addition to the videos, supporting documents to enhance your learning experience (workbooks in pdf format). You will also have access to all the updates to the content.

See you in the first video!


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