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A Practical Approach to Instructional Design

A Practical Approach to Instructional Design

Price: $19.99

Conducting effective and engaging training sessions is easy if you have a proper Instructional Design process in place. Developing training using the proven Instructional Design methodologies is important as it helps with the ultimate goal of knowledge retention and engagement.

A Practical Approach to Instructional Design course will help you create successful courses. It covers best practices and theories of Instructional Design, starting with the basics and leading to the advanced level to bring your career to the next level. It will provide you a step-by-step process of how to create courses from scratch.

This course includes 41 video lectures, approximately 2.5 hours of content and is divided into six modules that provide practical tips and techniques to analyze course content, course creation and design methods, course development best practices, and how to evaluate a course. With the help of these materials, you will be able to develop effective and instructionally sound training courses in a short period of time.

Don’t wait! Start your Instructional Design journey today!


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