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A Wee Bit Happier

A Wee Bit Happier

Price: $49.99

Imagine you- happier, more relaxed and more optimistic! More productive and healthier.

A Wee Bit Happier is a course created by Maeve Perle- the founder of the company. It’s a 25 minute-a-day, 21 day course, that encourages the development of happiness habits for life, as well as introducing practices for effectively managing and reducing stress. Featuring original informational videos, cartoon animations, unique artwork and daily exercises that are scientifically proven to improve your overall positivity.

If you want to smile more often, feel less anxious and suffer less feelings of overwhelm, let me guide you in exploring practices and techniques that develop happiness habits. Blending the science of positive psychology, wellness and ancient-wisdom-traditions, this online class offers effective, hands-on tools to bring about sustainable well-being and stress reduction. All from the privacy of your own home (or desk)- sounds fantastic, right?! I think so too.

I am an Ivy-League educated university professor with over 16 years of teaching experience. I recently incorporated all of my passions and my deep fascination for wellness to develop a happiness & wellbeing course. My goal? Simple. To help people discover how to be a wee bit happier. What brings me joy is helping people expand their happiness and to experience their life more fully. Let me help you to make the same transition and join us for this course.

What kind of subjects are covered? Great question! We’ll cover topics like joy, awe and laughter, and how to boost happy chemicals and emotions. We’ll delve into managing anxiety and stress. We’ll tackle some gritty, but necessary subjects like loneliness, and self-esteem. We’ll chat about the importance of developing better social connections with people, and try out a few different mindfulness habits, and lots more. All while rekindling our kindness, vulnerability and compassion. There’s never been a more important time to nurture your physical & mental well-being! So, c’mon! Join me and rediscover your joy. Find out how to cultivate more laughter and wonder in your life.

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