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Access to Education in Bhutan, significantly improved

Over the last decade, Bhutan has made significant progress to expand access to education. The Royal Government of Bhutan has been giving high priority to improving the quality of learning in primary schools and expanding access to secondary education.

The 10-year “Bhutan Education Blueprint (BEBP 2014-2024)” focuses on transforming the education system to increase access, quality, equity, and efficiency. The government recognizes education as a basic right and a prerequisite for achieving the country’s social, cultural, and economic goals.

The overall goal of the Blueprint is to have an efficient, high-performing and successful education system that prepares students, its future citizens, to thrive in a competitive and “fast-homogenizing” world with knowledge, intellectual competence, and character. While the government is committed to developing the education system, progress is constrained by the country’s limited resources.

Bhutan has recently constituted a forum called Education Sector Coordination Meeting(ESCM) as the local education group. The ESCM under the leadership of the ministry of Education serves as a forum for sector dialogue and enhanced coordination and collaboration between the government, development partners and civil society organizations.

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