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Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Databases exams

Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Databases exams

Price: $29.99

This exam is for SQL Server 2012 and 2014 focusing on Administering SQL Server.

This exam is designed for customers who are interested in learning SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014. It covers the new features in SQL Server 2014, but also the important capabilities across the SQL Server data platform.

Content :

  • Describe core database administration tasks and tools.

  • Install and configure SQL Server 2014.

  • Configure SQL Server databases and storage.

  • Plan and implement a backup strategy.

  • Restore databases from backups.

  • Import and export data. Monitor SQL Server.

  • Trace SQL Server activity.

  • Manage SQL Server security.

  • Audit data access and encrypt data.

  • Perform ongoing database maintenance.

  • Automate SQL Server maintenance with SQL Server Agent Jobs.

  • Configure Database Mail, alerts and notifications.

*** This course does not content the study material. This course contains 170 questions ***


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