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Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Exam | AD0-E104

Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Exam | AD0-E104

Price: $19.99

Course in Pre-Launch Mode, the Total number of questions will be around 49+.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Exam | AD0-E104 Test series

Exam Topics:

Business Requirements

  • Make an interpretation of business prerequisite to significant level arrangements

  • Distinguish and ideally use building hinders for the AEM application.

  • Recognize execution necessities

Engineering and Design

  • Portray AEM abilities

  • Portray the objective design for execution

  • In light of given client necessities, decide an adaptable AEM engineering.

  • Recognize the accepted procedures to manufacture an AEM application and guide usage

  • Portray how to coordinate AEM with Adobe’s Experience Cloud Platform

  • Clarify consistent, organization and succession charts.

  • Clarify the task/site scientific classification.

Design and Deployment

  • Portray different organizations and set up alternatives.

  • Clarifies the establishment and design of the dispatcher.

  • Characterize client gatherings and consents

Framework Maintenance

  • Investigate normal framework issues.

  • Clarify redesign and movement methodologies

  • Characterize framework upkeep techniques and run books.


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