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Advanced EID Practitioner

Advanced EID Practitioner

Price: $34.99

An interactive way on how to improve yourself, help others and tackle the 1000’s of emotions we are faced with everyday. Overcome stress, anxiety, anger, communication, mindset, habits, beliefs, values, self esteem…… there are ’37’ topics to learn about and ‘1’ mission; take down negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

When you are done you will not only have completely transformed yourself but you will gain the understanding, skills, and knowledge to help those around you.

The sky is not the limit, the only limits there are, are the ones you place on yourself.

Enhance relationships, personal development, work, school, and overall well-being so you can become the best version of yourself with nothing holding you back.

It’s never been taught in schools or the workplace and it’s about time we start enhancing our Emotional Intelligence to better society as a whole.

What To Expect

Master your emotions and take your life to the next level by recognizing and directing your emotions so you’re not hijacked by your mind. No one ever taught us what feelings are, or that we could control them and ultimately then controlling our minds and lives.No one ever taught us that a lack of emotional awareness could lead to suffering, drama, addictions or poor decisions.

Stop racing thoughts and calm your anxiety.

De-escalate and overcome fears.

How to direct thoughts ultimately directing your emotions.

Reframe situations and trauma in the past that made you feel bad so you can feel neutral to positive

Stress reduction techniques

Adopt proven processes to prevent from losing control of your emotions

Self-Empowering and Self-Esteem Techniques

Gain the fundamentals and clarity of basic psychology with critical and creative thinking models.

Identify and change unwanted habits by gaining the knowledge of the loop model

Learn about the benefits of journaling and how you can implement it in your life.

Become aware of your inner dialogue and perception over yourself and the world around you.

Learn the skills, and techniques used in NLP to rewire your emotions.

Use visualization which is the most underutilized tool to manifesting your desires, goals, and overall life.


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