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Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Creative Professionals

Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Creative Professionals

Price: $44.99

As creative professionals, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. No matter how long we’ve been doing the work, we face special challenges at the negotiation table. And, there are two situations where our talents can both make us especially vulnerable and give us special opportunities to shine: pitching in response to requests for proposals, and reacting when a client cuts a project.

I’m here to help you turn your creative strengths into negotiation skills and improve your results.

Meet the Expert

A lifelong designer and illustrator, Ted has turned his significant business wins leading his creative services firm and, later, a multinational conglomerate into a new career coaching and consulting on negotiation for creatives. He works with international corporations to land major deals, and he works one-on-one with individuals to help them find dream jobs and significantly higher salaries. Now, Ted has developed online training modules to bring creative people around the world the wisdom born of his notable successes, as well as a few failures, to help you elevate your career and earn what you deserve.

What You’ll Learn

This course addresses some of the biggest challenges that creative businesspeople face in their careers:

  • Making a pitch, often based on an RFP
  • Dealing with a canceled or changed project
  • Handing a negotiation that goes from cordial to confrontational
  • Managing difficult or high-conflict personalities
  • Working with bullies

Most – if not all professionals – deal with these situations at some point in their working lives. For creatives, because we’re so emotionally invested in the work, it can be particularly difficult to make sales pitches, deal with rejection on a contract, or manage bullying or aggressive individuals. Yet we can use our creative abilities to work through confrontations and emerge with our self-esteem and employment status intact.

In this course, you’ll learn techniques for:

  • Changing the context to broaden a project beyond the RFP;
  • Requesting a paid planning session to develop ideas with the client;
  • Building a relationship with your client as you make your pitch;
  • Responding when a project is unexpectedly canceled or modified;
  • Developing leverage points to win back business when a project changes;
  • Identifying key traits of bullies and aggressive individuals in the workplace;
  • Strategizing short-term solutions and create a personal plan to survive working with a bully long-term;
  • Preparing for confrontations with aggressive negotiators;
  • Navigating an aggressive close in a businesslike, profitable manner; and
  • Negotiating with high-conflict personalities by identifying and tactics to work with both types.

Why This Course Is Effective

Short, beautiful videos relate critical messages, followed by Ted’s downloadable PDF Learning Guides that provide step-by-step, actionable techniques for addressing the challenges of navigating professional life as a creative.

By completing this course, you’ll build the confidence to create better jobs through changing the context and handling changed or canceled contracts, and by being ready to deal with aggressive or bullying personalities.

Want Better Projects and More Respect? Ted Will Teach You How

With your talent, hard work and experience, you can land and keep great jobs. This course will give you tactics for expanding projects beyond the RFP as well as handling negative contract changes and difficult personalities. Remember: You’re worth it.


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