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Agile Scrum Deep Dive, Certification, Jira + Bonus* SAFe

Agile Scrum Deep Dive, Certification, Jira + Bonus* SAFe

Price: $119.99

I have been practicing Agile Scrum for more than a decade and have implemented Scrum with local and offshore teams. This course includes the following in order to provided the maximum value in this course:

1. Deep understanding of Agile Scrum starting from the basics.

2. Giving an overview of other Project management and Agile Methodologies.

3. Readying students for Scrum Master Certification (PSM) if they desire.

4. Providing overview of popular tools like Jira in order for student to be able to implement Scrum along with tools.

5. Providing deeper overview and comparison of the second most popular Scrum Framework Kanban with Scrum.

6. Providing a deep overview of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) building on concepts of Scrum.


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