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Alive & Fearless Online Course

Alive & Fearless Online Course

Price: $34.99

Want To Live A
Happy, Healthy & Regret-Free Life?

Alive & Fearless Is For Ambitious Individuals Who Want To Unleash Their Personal Power, Overcome Fear And Get The Results They Desire And Deserve.

“We Have Two Minds That Are Controlling Our Actions,
And The Regrets WE Have In Life Is Because Our Life is Controlled By Our Artificial Mind

This is evident when you do or don’t do a behaviour and then regret doing or not doing it.

My question is, who was in control? Why did you behave in a way you did not like?

E.g. We all get angry and say and do things we regret later. Then why did you do it?

Who was controlling your body and actions?

We have created this artificial mind that is controlling our behaviours on auto pilot 95% of the times. This mind deals with reality, conflicts, pain and all the uncertainty that we can’t handle. It has a job to protect you emotionally, mentally and physically from all that it thinks is danger or harmful to you.

Often in protecting you this artificial mind even stops you from learning, moving out of your comfort zone, exploring new things and even taking risks to live a life you can and deserve.


The Alive & Fearless Online Course will not only help you understand your “Artificial You” but also help you Unleash the Real Alive & Fearless You, that you are born to be.


To design a Life You Love and change your current life circumstances, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Alive & Fearless Course provides a Proven Process, Mindset Reprogramming, Active Community and Expert Mentorship.

  • Proven Process

We have turned survival into living an Alive & Fearless Life. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work for designing a life you enjoy living. Motivational videos on social media or internet are good, but they don’t give you a proven step-by-step guide to get the results you want!

  • Mind Upgrade

We update our smart devices, but what about upgrading the software that runs our life? Our MIND. When was the last time you invested on your mind? We have created a new way of thinking, feeling & achieving results in the 21st century. The old way will just help you survive with regrets, to live an Alive & Fearless Life, you need to learn the new way…

  • Alive & Fearless Community

It’s hard to transform your life surrounded by people who are negative, don’t believe in you and pull you down. The A&F FB Group is a community of ambitious individuals who are committed to live an Alive & Fearless Life. You can collaborate, share your life, get help, make friends and network to create your A&F Tribe.

  • Expert mentor-ship

Ask your questions on live weekly group calls with Murtaza Badri and his team. No matter how much you know you will always have questions when you begin to take actions… we will be always right here to guide and support you in your journey towards living an Alive & Fearless Life. This is an Online course where you can talk to your Coach and take support.


What Makes The Alive & Fearless So Different?


Alive & Fearless course is like starting your education from Nursery, where we teach everything from A to Z you need to know to get the results you want! It’s a step by step process to reclaim who you are born to be, have and achieve before you die!


The course is focused on building an Alive & Fearless community where each and every member can learn from others as well as inspire others to take actions towards living a life they love. Sharing, caring and cheering is what makes it a unique experience.


Not one of those course where you buy the program and then we let you figure out on your own… you get an opportunity to ask questions to Murtaza & his team on call every week regarding the implementation of the course or any other challenges that you might have in creating a new life and living it powerfully.


The Alive & Fearless Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop surviving, and instead, take charge of your life and create a life you love. Thousands of Individuals have begun to live a life they love rather than what others wanted or forced them to live.

But, how can I know if I am living an Alive & Fearless life or not?

The answer is to check your levels of happiness, health and fulfilment.

We know how hard it is to pursue a life of excellence on the face of criticism, negativity, doubts and failures. That’s why we have created Alive & Fearless to help you identify your true potential and break free of all fears that limit your mind and create the results you want in all areas of your life.

When you commit to grow and take massive action towards a meaningful life, you start experiencing joy, fulfilment and excitement. You not only transform your life but also influence your family and friends to do the same.

We, humans, like to fit in and go with the crowd, but what if people around you are negative, not living a life they love, have a scarcity mindset and are always worried about what could go wrong… rather than what’s possible?

What are you going to do? How are you going to break free? How are you going to reach your full potential?

You need a fresh perspective of life and a new paradigm to redesign a new life… free from all limitations of your past… a life that you say is possible and we help you create.


What You Will Learn In The Alive & Fearless Online Course

Alive & Fearless Online Course is focused on helping ambitious individuals discover and connect with their true self to live a life they love and get the results they want. It helps students find the real cause of all their current life struggles and learn a proven solution for immediate implementation for results. You will not only take back full control of your life but also experience love, peace and happiness as you move towards creating and living an Alive & Fearless life.

  • Where is the Problem?

    Find the real problem and what is causing it. Most people spend their life time trying to solve the wrong problem… and wonder why they are not getting results.

  • What is the Solution?

    Once you identify the real problem, you need to now learn the solution that can solve it. The wrong solution to a real problem will only give you more problems… So it’s important you get this part right!

  • Re-Design & Implementation

    Finding the right solution is useless unless you take action towards a new life… free from all the pain, negative experiences and limitations of the past. Unless you let go of who you were, you can’t.


The Alive & Fearless Course
Empowers You To…

  • START Doing the things that you ‘truly want to do’ with love, peace & happiness,
    AND STOP Doing things ‘people want you to do’ which you regret.

  • START Enjoying your work and look forward to working every Monday,
    AND STOP Awaiting holidays or saying ‘Thank God It’s Friday’.

  • START Balancing your Personal Life, Health, Relationships & Finance,
    AND STOP Making work your life and money your only goal.

  • START Expressing yourself confidently in front of people,
    AND STOP Limiting yourself because you fear rejection or failure.

  • START Facing your fears and get the results you really want,
    AND STOP Allowing fear to run and control your life.

  • START Living a life you love every single day,
    AND STOP Surviving and waiting to die…


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