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Android OS Internals / AOSP Mobile Development /2020 Edition

Android OS Internals / AOSP Mobile Development /2020 Edition

Price: $69.99

Over the years android has captured Phone, tablets, TV, Wear devices. Its running on 2.5 billion active devices. Even though android is in the Market for long, its still pretty hard to find structured courses or online resources for AOSP development. That’s the reason this course is here.

This course is specially designed for Developers of any level who wants to learn about developing Android OS, focusing more on Mobile devices.

We have tried to make this course as compact as possible so that you could learn something new each miniute of the tutorials. On a high level the course is structured as follows

  • Introduction

  • Architecture

  • Development Environment Setup

  • Folder Structure and important modules

  • Build System

  • Building the source

  • Projects

  • Advanced Topics

This course is perfect for those who are new to AOSP world or want to learn more about different aspects of AOSP development.

At the end of the course you should be able to gain enough knowledge to create your own Android version.

All the very Best 🙂


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