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Angular Crash Course with Node and Java Backend

Angular Crash Course with Node and Java Backend

Price: $29.99

The ONLY course that covers the all the features of Angular along with Java and NODE Backend Development!

Sample of the reviews:

The best material I have seen that explains Angular clearly. Well structured lessons with a brief summary after each section. There has been a lot of thought into the content and structure of the course. Highly recommended. – John Lawman

Bharath is a great instructor. I have enrolled in all of his courses. They are short and to the point. Act as a quick refresher. I knew AngularJs 1.x and wanted to deep dive into the latest angular offering. With this course, I am much more confident. This course covers almost whatever you will need on the front-end side. I am eagerly waiting for Security/Testing sections to be added. All the Best. – Sanjiv Bhargava

Good info. though I haven’t completed with the remaining course, I find the course is very engaging and covers all aspects of angular for beginners to expert level. – Arun Kumar


All source code is available for download

Responsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hours

Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)


Do you have the knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript and want to master AngularJS then this course is for you.If you are an experienced AngularJS developer who wants to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of creating a Single Page Applications using AngularJS then this course is for you too.You will learn how to create Rest APIs using Express and Java Spring Boot and use them in your Angular Front End and build Full Stack Application from scratch.

AngularJS is the most widely used Single Page Application Development framework in the industry today. Angular makes it super easy to create production ready Single Page applications. You will start this course by learning what Angular is ,the different features that are a part of every Angular application .You will be working hands on one feature at a time .You will then create two mini Single Page applications using all the knowledge you gain from those sections.

  • Learn what Single Page Applications are

  • Understand how Angular makes it easy to build SPAs

  • Create Angular Components

  • Use various directives angular provides

  • Create Services and use them to make GET and POST calls

  • Develop REST APIs using Node and ExpressJS

  • Create a Angular front end that consumes those REST APIs

  • Configure routing for the Single Page Application

  • Create and use pipes to format the data

  • Use Reactive Forms and Template Driven Forms

  • Create custom directives and use them

  • Create a Flight Reservation back end API using JAVA

  • Create a Front End by consuming the back end API

  • Create a Check In App that will check in a passenger

What are the requirements?

AngularJS , Visual Studio Code (Installation is covered in easy setup section)


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