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Ansible Tower Overview

Ansible Tower Overview

Price: $99.99

Ansible Tower is designed for IT professionals who use Ansible and need to centrally manage their Ansible projects in a way that scales to large teams and complex enterprise installations, using Ansible Tower.

Course Content

Introduction to Ansible Tower

  • Overview of Ansible

  • Introduction to Ansible Tower

  • Ansible Tower Features

  • Ansible Tower Setup

Installing Ansible Tower

  • Installation Steps of Ansible

  • Overview of Ansible Setup, AD-Hoc Commands and running Playbook

  • Installation of Ansible Tower

  • Orientation to the Ansible Tower Web Interface

Ansible Tower Web Interface

  • Overview of Tower Dashboard

  • Resources like Templates, Credentials, Projects & Inventories etc

  • Practice Lab Session – Running a job to update a content in a file

  • Practice Lab Session – Running a job to restart a service

Creating Users and Teams for Role-Based Access Control

  • Overview of RBAC

  • Creating & Managing Ansible Tower Users

  • Various User Types

  • Organization Role

  • Lab Session 1 – Creating and Managing Ansible Tower Users

  • Lab Session 2 – Delegating permissions to a normal user to execute a job template

  • Lab Session 3 – Delegating permissions to a normal user to access, edit or update a inventory

  • Lab Session 4 – Delegating permissions to a normal user to run a AD-Hoc Commands

  • Managing Users with Teams

  • Practice Lab Session

Creating & Managing Inventories & Credentials

  • Creating a Static Inventory

  • Practice Lab Session

  • Creating Machine Credentials for Access to Inventory Hosts

  • Credential Types

  • Practice Lab Session


  • Overview of GitHub

  • Install and Configure Git

  • Create a GitHub Account

  • Creating a local Git Repository

  • Push the files from local Git Repository to remote GitHub Repository

  • Pull the from GitHub Repo to Local repo

  • Managing Ansible Projects using Git

  • Practice Lab Session

Dynamic Inventory

  • Overview of Dynamic Inventories

  • Configuring a Dynamic Inventory for AWS EC2 Environment

  • Creating AWS Credentials on Tower

  • Practice Lab : Sync to update Inventory for newly added EC2 hosts or decommissioned servers

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