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Application Packaging Training- AdminStudio, InstallShield

Application Packaging Training- AdminStudio, InstallShield

Price: $109.99

  • Overview of Application

  • What is Application Packaging

  • What is Application Repackaging

  • Difference b/w Packaging and Repackaging

  • Windows Installer History

  • Challenges with the traditional installers (.exe)

  • Advantages of Application Repackaging

  • Introduction to AdminStudio and Installshield

  • Introduction to Repackager and Tuner tool

  • Lab setup for Repackaging the Applications

    Tools required to setup the lab

    Introduction to VMWare workstation

    How to create and configure the Virtual Machine (VM)

    Purpose of Virtual Machine

    Installing the Repackaging tools

  • Repackaging Best Practices

    What is image ?

    Importance of Clean Machine

    Perform the Source Validation

  • Customizing the application with Installshield

    Customize the files and folders

    Customize the Registry keys

    Customize the Environment Variables, Services, ODBC

  • Methods to Repackage the Application Using Repackager

    Introduction to Remote Repackager

    How to configure and access Repackager remotely

    What is Installation Monitoring ?

    What is SnapShot Method ?

  • Introduction to Self-healing

    What is Advertised Shortcuts

    Significance of Advertised Shortcuts

    What is Self-Healing

    How to find the root cause for the Self-healing

  • MSI Logical Structure

    Introduction to Features

    Introduction to Components

    Introduction to Resources

  • Parent – Child Features

  • Sibling Features

  • Component Rules

  • Introduction to Windows Installer Transform (.mst)

    When to Create a Transform

    How to Create a Transform

    Commands to Install Transform

  • Introduction to Custom Actions

    Purpose of Custom Actions

    Type of Custom Actions

    Custom Action Conditions

    Practicals on Custom Actions

  • Introduction to MSI Upgrades

    What is Upgrade ?

    Types of MSI Upgrades

    Introduction to Small Updates

    Introduction to Minor Upgrade

    Introduction to Major Upgrade

    Commands to Install the each Upgrade

  • Package Deployment

    Commands to install / uninstall

    Create a VbScript to Install / Uninstall

    Create a Wise Script to Install / Uninstall

    Commands to create log files

    Commands to do the silent install / uninstall


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