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Application Software and feature of Digital Communications

Application Software and feature of Digital Communications

Price: $94.99

Welcome to the course on “Application software and feature of Digital Communications”

As we know computer science is the study of “computing, programming, and computation in correspondence with computer systems”. This field of study utilizes theories on how computers work to design, test, and analyze concepts. Computer science usually has a stronger mathematical foundation than a scientific one. Computer science resonates as being vital for any industry to succeed in this day and age.

You will gain the knowledge that you need for academic and professional development and to learn that how computer science is playing important role in our professional and educational life.

At the end of this course, I hope that you will have the material to meet your educational goals.

I hope that this course will enhance your appreciation for the study of computer systems and aspects in our world.

This course illustrated how to start and interact with application software. It then presented an overview of a variety of business software, graphics and multimedia software, and home/personal/educational software. This course also discussed web applications and application software for communications. So we will cover,

  • The four categories of application software
  • Differentiate among the seven forms of software
  • Characteristics of a user interface
  • Key features of widely used business programs
  • Key features of widely used graphics and multimedia programs
  • Types of application software used in communications

Be passionate for learning !!!


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