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Arduino Course [Zero to Hero] – Learn Arduino Doing Projects

Arduino Course [Zero to Hero] – Learn Arduino Doing Projects

Price: $19.99

Arduino [Zero to Hero] is a course designed for anybody who is interested in building Arduino based projects. We have designed this course with a ‘learn by practice’ approach, where you will learn all the concepts and fundamentals by building hands-on projects.

You’ll be doing the following Arduino Projects:

  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser

  2. Automatic Light Control using LDR

  3. Generating Patterns with LED’s

  4. Smart Door Lock using Keypads (Digital Code Lock)

  5. Home Security System (Protect against Fire accident, Gas leakage,)

  6. Weather Monitoring System (Measure Temperature & Humidity)

  7. Home Automation using Smartphone & TV Remote Control

  8. Line Follower Robot (the basics to build robots)

  9. Obstacle Avoidance Robot (learn to build intelligence in robots)

  10. Mobile Phone controlled Robot Car (wireless controlled robots)

  11. Smart Irrigation System

  12. IoT based Weather Station (Display weather data on website/web application)

Absolute beginners can readily take this course. No programming knowledge or Electronics knowledge is necessary to take this course. We’ll teach you all fundamentals & concepts on the fly.

Experienced persons can also take this course to do some advanced projects like IoT based weather station, Smartphone controlled robot car, and other advanced projects.

You’ll learn about the following fundamentals, components & sensors in this course:

  • Arduino boards & development environment, IDE

  • Learn about breadboards, how to assemble components and a circuit

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and types

  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistors) and types

  • All about Arduino Uno – Pin configurations and other basics

  • How to program an Arduino board

  • The basics of Arduino programming – data types, variables, constants, operators, statements and loops.

  • Seven segment displays and how to use them in a circuit

  • Keypads – how to interface and use

  • Servo motor and types – how to interface & control servo motor

  • Liquid/Water sensor – how to interface and use in the application

  • Gas sensor – how to interface and use in the application

  • Fire sensor – how to interface and use in the application

  • 16×2 LCD Display – interface and display characters

  • DHT11 – Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Relays and Types – how to interface and control

  • IR Receiver and TSOP module – how to read signals from the TV remote

  • Bluetooth module HC05 – how to receive and transmit data over Bluetooth

  • IR Sensor

  • Motor Drivers – how to drive motors using driver module

  • Ultrasonic sensor – interfacing and controlling using Arduino

  • Soil moisture sensor – uses and interfacing

  • Water pump – how to use with Arduino in projects

  • IoT – Internet of Things – send data over the Internet

  • and much more…!

All the projects are well explained with the help of circuit diagrams, working of the circuit, explanation of the components used, assembling the circuit, line by line code explanation, and the explanation of concepts and fundamentals. Students can download circuit diagrams and code files for reuse.


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