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Arduino megacourse2020 Learn Arduino By building 30+ project

Arduino megacourse2020 Learn Arduino By building 30+ project

Price: $94.99

Things included in this course

1.Arduino complete description

2.Arduino programming complete

3.Hardware handling

4. 4 mega projects like voice control robot and Mobile control Rover by your own buil app and your mobile

5.30+ Arduino medium projects

6. 8 working mobile app

7. 2 mobile app control basic projects , 4 advanced app control projects and 2 mega app control projects.

8. Advanced Projects like knight rider, chase effect , distance measuring , touch switch , app control mode switcher , voice control lights , mobile control led fader etc.

9. 7+ sensor’s handling

10.Method to build large codes for projects like robots.

11. More than 10+ practice projects with full solutions


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