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ARKit and ARKit 2.0 – Beginner to Expert – Build 15 Apps!

ARKit and ARKit 2.0 – Beginner to Expert – Build 15 Apps!

Price: $79.99

ARKit is Apple’s Augmented Reality Platform for iOS! It allows developers to create augmented reality apps for iPhones and iPads.

This revolutionary technology will allow you to breakthrough in an industry worth over $100 billion.

We will go through theory for important ARKit concepts and build hands on projects that will be stellar additions to your portfolio.

  1. Learn how the default ARKit – AR Space Ship App Works

  2. Build an AR App from Scratch with 3D Shapes

  3. Remove Objects from the AR View

  4. Learn about lighting to make the AR Objects look realistic

  5. Build an AR Measuring App

  6. Build an AR Furniture App

  7. Learn about detecting Images and Overlaying Graphics on them

  8. Learn about detecting 3D Objects and Overlaying Graphics on them

  9. Learn about the USDZ file format and create your own USDZ files

  10. Build a website with USDZ files

  11. Build an iOS App with USDZ files

  12. Build an AR Drawing App

  13. Store and Retrieve AR Experiences (Persistence)

Source code will be provided for the projects and this course will be regularly updated to incorporate latest technology. Support will be actively provided on the Q&A area.

If you want to save time on learning AR for iOS and learn how to build practical applications, this is your best investment!

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