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AToZ: Software Testing and Automation In Yoruba Language

AToZ: Software Testing and Automation In Yoruba Language

Price: $94.99

Ẹ kabọ si course ton jẹ Kọ Software Testing Ati Automation Pẹlu (Real-Life Projects).

Lakọkọ ẹ jẹ ki a ni lo kan wipe course yi ma jẹ hands-on training tutorial (itumo nin pe 90% practical ati 10% theories). Kiko ni mi mo.

Ninu Course yi ẹ ma learn step by step Manual and Automation Software Testing (Functional) ti a ma lo WinAutomation, Selenium WebDriver 3 ati iMacros browser addons fun automating the Functional part of Web Applications pẹlu over 20+ real life projects.

Software Testing Manual ati Automation jẹ most important skills lati le test front-end ati backend Web Application, Desktop Applications ati Mobile Apps. Paapa ju li lo iMacros ati Selenium WebDriver 3 fun GUI automation, Software Testing Automation je popular larin large community.

Course yi structured si ọ nọ pupọọ:

Awọn ẹkọ yi pisi video screencast ati guide, Homework wa ni be ti a ma se, Ninu ẹkọ yi, a o kọ lati Setup Working Environment fun Software Testing ati Automation, A o kọ In and Out Functional Testing fun Web Application, Mobile Apps Ati Desktop Applications, A o kọ lati lo SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) lati Query SQL Server Database, A o kọ lati lo Selenium WebDriver fun Automating Web Applications, A o kọ lati lo Java Eclipse Integration Development Environment (IDE) pẹlu Selenium WebDriver, A o kọ lati lo Extract Transform Load (ETL Testing), MS Excel, Notepad++, Test Script, ati Java Code Templates, A o kọ lati lo SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) lati Upload Data sinu SQL Server Database, A o kọ nipa Basic Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet) ati Microsoft Word (Document) Object fun Creating Simple Dashboard, A o kọ bi a o ṣe Migrate Microsoft Access Database lọ si MSSQL Server Database, A o kọ Data Migration Testing, A o kọ lati le Report Bugs tabi Defects ati bẹ bẹ lọ.

This course is backed by udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will get the money back. In addition to that you will keep all the code files of the course as a thank you for trying out the course !!!


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