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Avoid stress – the manager’s toolbox

Avoid stress – the manager’s toolbox

Price: $19.99

Prevent and overcome stress in the workplace

Overcome stress in the workplace with Klausen Learning’s course that will help you build a toolbox for the prevention and treatment of stress.

Stress affects more and more people and the consequences can, unfortunately, be serious if no actions are taken.

As a manager, you function as the first mover in the workplace. You have a crucial role, and with this role, you can contribute to redress stress in your employees and learn how to detect symptoms.

Our learning courses are based on practical and theoretical data collected from more than 1000 counselling sessions, where all our clients efficiently have been helped back to work with a much higher level of welfare and performance than previous. This experience has been the basis of this video course so that you as a manager can prevent stress in the workplace.

You will be guided through the video course’s six chapters, all created to increase your knowledge and defence to avoid being hit with a stress-strain. The video course is developed in collaboration with professionals within e-learning in order to ensure the most optimal learning process. You can also always access the course later on if you feel the need to refreshen some of the strategies.

The course consists of an introduction and 6 chapters and several additional exercises.

When you have completed all the elements in the video course, you will receive a certificate for the course. This certificate can be used both on LinkedIn and in your CV, so you can show your competencies on how to prevent and handle stress.

All additional information, blog posts and documents mentioned in the course can be found on our website. See the links under each video.


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