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AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Price: $89.99

The Microsoft Azure Administrator course is ideally designed for students aspiring to learn the basics of Microsoft Azure administration. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform offering SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions to various enterprises. The shift towards cloud technologies has seen a major rise in the recent past due to the ease of management, lower operating expenses and up-to-date infrastructure availability.

The Microsoft Azure Administrator course provides essential learning of concepts, technologies, techniques related to MS Azure platform and prepares the students to become masters of Microsoft Azure administration. Topics covered in this course include management tools and processes, storage administration, networking concepts, administration of compute, configuration of backup, and monitoring the overall system.

The course also helps candidates to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam, i.e., AZ-104. The topics of this course perfectly align with the topics asked in the certification exam. This certification is a necessary requirement for many jobs related to Microsoft Azure administration and is highly desired by enterprises, corporations, system integrators and solution providers. Hence, it opens new avenues of career growth for the prospective candidates.

Overall, the course is very well designed and concisely timed to give a complete overview of the exam contents for AZ-104 exam as well as practical knowledge for those looking to implement the learnt concepts in their everyday jobs. The course enables the students to feel confident while appearing for the exam as well as for the professionals to be able to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently by using the latest techniques and tools offered by Microsoft Azure.


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