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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Practice Tests + Explanations UPDATED

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Practice Tests + Explanations UPDATED

Price: $24.99

Welcome to the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Tests by Amandeep Singh!

This practice test course contains 6 complete timed practice tests. Each test contains 40 questions, that’s 200+ unique questions to test how well prepared you are for the real exam.

These AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator practice tests also has case study questions.

This practice test course is designed to cover every topic, with a difficulty level like a real exam.

Every question has a detailed answer with the links back to the official Microsoft docs.

——————————————–Students Feedback———————————————————

“A very good explanation of questions and answers that helped understand the concept. I cleared the exam and these practice sets have an invaluable contribution in that. Thanks, Amandeep and wish you all the best in all the aspects.”

“I passed the exam today from 1st attempt, I only used this course for Exam Practice after study Scott Duffy AZ-104 course. Thank you, Amandeep!”

“The set of questions framed helped me really well. All the questions are explained really well. I feel confident on clearing this exam.”

“Thanks a ton. Helped me to clear the exam with 915 marks.”

Very helpful test series! I cleared the exam with 855 marks…


This AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Tests course offers the following features:

· FULLY UPDATED TO THE NEW January 2021 exam version

· 200+ TOP-NOTCH Questions





· Prepared by an Azure Certified Administrator Associate

· 30 Day Money back guarantee

· LIFETIME access to these questions

These practice tests are designed and formatted just like the real exam questions. Unfortunately, we cannot create every type of question that appears in the real exam due to the limited type of questions we can offer. However, I tried my best to format questions like the real exam.

Microsoft’s AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator exam is one of the ways to prove that you have a deep and thorough understanding & experience in Microsoft Azure. As you may aware, employers always look for the latest certifications in the resume while filing up vacancies. Getting the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is the ultimate proof of your expertise in Azure.

This practice test course covers every topic in AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator exam curriculum:

  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)

  • Implement and manage storage (10-15%)

  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (25-30%)

  • Configure and manage virtual networking (30-35%)

  • Monitor and back up Azure resources (10-15%)


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