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AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Expert – 2020

AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Expert – 2020

Price: $59.99

Note : This course just like Microsoft Azure DevOps is a continuously evolving . It will cover all the Topics you must know to clear AZ-400 Azure DevOps Certification and to be released AZ-404 (will be available generally later on this year). It will be updated through out this and next year. (Check RoadMap in Section 1). This Course is a one stop solution for everything you need to Prepare for Certification and Gain Confidence in working on Azure DevOps Platform. You don’t have to go anywhere else your search has ended.

Looking for Azure DevOps Training?

Azure DevOps professionals combine people, process, and technologies to continuously deliver valuable products and services that meet end user needs and business objectives. It is fast becoming the must have certification for any IT Professional working on Cloud and DevOps Platform.

Before this, even if you have never logged in Azure Platform by the end of this course you will able to take Certification Exam. A little programming and workstation setup experience is required for this.

Most of the Lectures in this course are between 1-4 minutes and demonstration are between 3-7 minutes.

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer having more than 10+ years of experience as Instructor and Cloud Expert Consultant. This course is fairly priced and its cheap than most of the courses available in market. I am not doing any full time job and work as a Freelance., because I love teaching so much. In last couple of years most of my students where asking me to prepare a Digital course for Many Azure , AWS and Gitlab Courses. So here I am releasing my Azure DevOps Expert Course. Hope you Like and Best of Luck !!

Don’t forget I am here at your service, if any question, suggestion reach me out and I assure I will definitely help you out.

Version 1.0 : Basics on Getting Started with Azure DevOps and Build your competency

Course Updated for Version 2.0

June 30th 2020

  • Artifact Management

  • Release Strategy – Blue-Green Deployment , Ring Based Deployment

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

  • All Modules Assignment Quiz to Prep you for Exam (Urgent Basis, will be released before dates)


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