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Azure Active Directory And Azure AD Domain Services

Azure Active Directory And Azure AD Domain Services

Price: $29.99

What is this course about?

This course is primarily focused on Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) a.k.a Managed Domain. In this course, students will gain an understanding of integrating Azure Active directory service, On-Premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Domain Services using Azure AD connect. Students will learn how to register a custom domain in Azure and sync the On-Premises AD with Azure AD and Azure ADDS. Students also get to understand the scenarios when using Azure AD and Azure ADDS. And the last section will explain Azure AD B2C and B2B collaboration concepts.

Who is the perfect Audience?

This course is perfect for students who-

1. Have basic knowledge of Azure and Active Directory

2. Have a good understanding of Azure Active Directory but want to learn Azure AD Domain Services

3. Are Windows Admin & want to explore a new technology

Why take this Course?

There are many reasons to take this course.

  1. This course is taught by Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  2. You’ll find lots of Hands-On in this course which will make you practically sound and make your understanding better about the concepts.

  3. And moreover Azure is a hot subject in today’s digital age, so why not learn about one of the major and most popular cloud platforms.

  4. At last, I am eager to see you succeed, I am offering you my help, assistance wherever required in learning this course. You can drop your queries in the Q&A section of the course and I’ll make sure it will be responded promptly.


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