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Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Microsoft Office 365

Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Microsoft Office 365

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Price: $34.99

You’ll learn the power of the new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) PowerShell to automate & advance CLI administration of Microsoft Office 365 identity and access management.

You’ll use the new Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph module which is going to replace the old Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell module very soon in the future.

So it’s the right time to upgrade yourself if you’re going to learn or already managing Microsoft Office 365 environment while working in Server / System Administration profile.

You’ll also learn the basic but very useful PowerShell commands.

I’ll also recommend using the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) new tool instead of PowerShell ISE and show you how to install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) then configure PowerShell Extension, Thems to prepare and advance debugging script.

You’ll install the prerequisite Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) modules and software and you’ll be able to automate the established PowerShell connection to all Microsoft Office 365 services through the single script. That means no need to enter credentials again & again and save credentials in an encrypted format.

I hope you already love to use PowerShell to automate many tasks in your day to day jobs, so you’ll be able to save time and effort as you can do bulk operations while managing Microsoft Office 365 identities.

You’ll learn how to Create, Modify, Remove & Block single or multiple users in Microsoft Office 365 through Azure AD PowerShell.

You’ll also learn how to check subscribed license plans and their services details. How to find unlicensed user’s details in M365 tenant and assign a license to single or multiple users with PowerShell scripts.

You’ll understand and agree that many configuration features and settings are only possible through PowerShell in many Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office 365. So you should use Azure AD PowerShell because it also provides additional information that you can’t get in the Microsoft 365 Admin center. You can also filter data for more customized reporting of the M365 environment.

After learning, you’ll definitely love to manage Microsoft Office 365 environment through CLI by using PowerShell.

We’re working on more lectures and will keep adding to this course.

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