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Azure Data Factory V2:Premium Hands on Practical Course 2021

Azure Data Factory V2:Premium Hands on Practical Course 2021

Price: $19.99

In this course, students will learn how to use Azure Data Factory V2 (cloud based data integration service) to design data movement pipelines and transformation workloads. This course is a complete guide to data enthusiasts to understand each and every building blocks of Azure Data Factory. They will get practical exposure to use and implement different components of Azure Data Factory with basic overview of their settings and configuration. This course is enriched with best practices and recommended steps to design optimized data pipelines. After completing this course, one can easily design basic to medium complex level data movement pipelines with competency of using best practices and recommended techniques to build efficient data movement workloads. This course will enable students to qualify Microsoft Certification Exam DP 200 & DP 201 and make them capable of solving scenario based questions asked in these exams. This course covers industry level implementation and use cases.

This course is the only course with assessments and questions.

Get a latest copy of e-book written by Microsoft Tech Experts and developers , who work as core developer for this tool. The book is loaded with basic scenarios and different industry use cases to master this tool.

* Updated on Nov-2020 : Added Practice Test for DP 200 & DP 201 Exam Mock-Up.

* Updated on Dec-2020 : Added Incremental load section with latest video.

* Updated on Jan-2021 : Uploaded the latest resources and the e-book.

* Updated on Apr-2021 : Added section with Azure Purview and Questions for Assessment.

* Updated on May-2021 : Introduction to Azure Data Factory Governance through Azure Purview

* Updated on June – 2021 : Introduction to new features & releases of Azure Data Factory V-2

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