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Azure-Linux VM build &  Introduction to Dockers & Kubernetes

Azure-Linux VM build & Introduction to Dockers & Kubernetes

Price: $19.99

Cloud Native Application Development is gaining significance in the last few years. Demand for consultants is further excepted to grow exponentially in next few years.

In computing world, gone are the days, where one need to own to use it, in the last few years it all about optimitizing cost. That is, pay only for what is being used & when required – whether it is hardware or Software tools or Application.

Additionally, even software tools are becoming more & more open source rather than being licence based or hard-wired development (known as monolithic application). The traditional approach incur recurring cost in maintenance as well over the years (operating expenses), apart from intial capital expenses, which require assets (hardware & software) to be owned for using it. The solution to this is cloud – virtual machine & microservices using dockers and kubernetes

This course covers basics of cloud native application development tools such as virtual machines and microservices using docker / kubernetes.

The topics of coverage are:

Cloud Overview

•What is Cloud ?

• Cloud Service and Deployment models

•Advantages of cloud over on-premises

•Getting access to MS Azure cloud.

Azure – Virtual Machines

•What is Virtualization – Overview

•Creating Linux (Ubuntu) virtual machine on Azure

•Access through window power shell

•Access through SSH – Putty.

•Configuring Cloud Linux(Ubuntu) desktop GUI.

•Access through Remote desktop from windows.

Dockers – containers deployment

•Software development evolution

•Virtual machine Vs Dockers

•Installing Dockers in Azure VM

•Docker – container & image build of Nginx webserver and accessing through browser.

•Docker file and building container – image of a custom program

Kubernetes – Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS):

•What is cloud native application.

•Kubernetes vs Dockers.

•Kubernetes cluster creation (AKS)

•Kubernetes – cluster config through Azure Cloud shell

•What is YAML file & its structure

•Creating deployment & services in Azure Kubernetes Cluster services.

•What is HELM? and hands-on demonstration with wordpress – HELM chart in AKS environment.

Also, the course is embedded with appropriate quiz to test your understanding.

Come and join! Explore new world of Cloud computing in easy way!!.

Happy Learning !!!


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