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Basic & Intermediate of Ms. Excel to Support Office Work

Basic & Intermediate of Ms. Excel to Support Office Work

Price: $19.99

This training is great for you to learn Microsoft excel in very fast less than 2 hours to understand and gain skills. You will have a lot of examples, case study and we will help you step by step thoroughly. You will also know how to use its application for personal and business purpose. It will make your performance in Ms. excel processing become better, smarter and faster, make your result is remarkable to your manager and help him in making decision.

In manager’s point of view , you may frustrate when your team has some weakness in data processing and analysis using Ms. Excel, so it is very recommended to have your team joining this e-learning to gain what you expect to help you in decision making.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide knowledge and basic practice how to use excel and its application in office and business

  • To ensure participants know how to use the basic menus and short cut keyboard

  • To ensure participants are able to operate the most functions: create a database, develop a summary table, use some formulas (IF, SUMIF, Vlookup, etc) and create some charts for business presentation.

  • To prepare your team with excellence skill in making a report, structured table, database, data analysis to help you in decision making.


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