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Be a Web Application Penetration Tester from Scratch

Be a Web Application Penetration Tester from Scratch

Price: $94.99

Do you know that web application pentesters are earning 100’s of dollars by submitting bugs to various reputed websites. Now there is a legal way by which you can report bugs and vulnerability to websites and in return you can get reward money.

What is this course about?

This is an ideal course to learn penetration testing from scratch. This course requires no coding skills yet you will be able to perform and create great reports on pentesting for clients. Pentesting is second highest paid job with lots of empty space according to Forbes.

Everyone is learning to create, someone has to take the responsibility to secure that creation.

Penetration testing is a step by step procedure to test an application for various security flaws. These flaws can compromise a website at various levels like database leak, client information leak or may involve monetary leak too.

A lot of new pentester learn a few slings to hack the application but approaching client in a formal way, doing a procedural pentest and documenting a report is a different game. In this course you will learn about all types of vulnerabilities, exploitation of web application, impact of flaws and finally we will cover the steps to write a report.

Traditional companies rely on Firewalls and network security. Attack vectors based on web application will not trigger alarm for it. Specially the new application that are based on CMS like wordpress are getting hacked often. A whole lot ground is covered in this course.

Updates in this course.

You might notice a few small topics being missed out. Web security is a big monster, that is why we have decided to roll out the course and in the mean while we will be updating the course on monthly basis. There will be no charge for extra lecture added but course prize may increase at latter stage.

No coding experience, No Prior Knowledge; Just start your journey as WEB APPLICATION PENTESTER.


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