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Become a C-Level Executive : Career Growth for Professionals

Become a C-Level Executive : Career Growth for Professionals

Price: $94.99

Now you have access to the coaching I do with Professionals who wish to become executives, CXOs, VPs within the first 5 years of their career. When you join today, you also get the option of asking for a 30 minute Career Coaching Live Session where we will work together on crafting a path for you to achieve your biggest career goals.

If you’re not getting your peak salary or the opportunities you want, you want to take this class.

I would recommend this to every young professional. “This is a crash course on being an A player at work. I love how it adds structure to achieving exponential growth – a concept most people want to learn but very few know where to start from. The best part is – Its simple and practically applicable. I would recommend this to every young professional who is just entering the workforce or someone who has been in the industry for a few years but finds themselves stagnating.” by Siddharth Ananthram

This course contains a proven formula that will help you with rapid fast growth in your career as a professional.

It will help the students enhance current work performance, accelerate their learning, find new opportunities, negotiate a better salary and carve out a path to achieve their biggest career goal.

With 10 sections and about 2+ hours of instruction, the course can be taken at one go or bit by bit.


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