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Become a Guru in Google Apigee API Management Platform

Become a Guru in Google Apigee API Management Platform

Price: $59.99

Why this course?

In this course we are going to learn about Apigee Management Platform. Apigee is a product from Google and has a very good market share in the API Management market. It currently being used by big companies like Adobe, Accenture, Citrix, Dell, ebay, and many more. That’s why learning about Apigee is definitely going to boost your career and job opportunities.

There are other courses and information available on internet which teach concepts in isolation. They basically do small POCs (Proof Of Concepts) to showcase various things. But they do not give you a project scenario and show how different things tie up together.

In this course is not a POC course we learn concepts by doing hands-on project and code it ourselves. This will give a enhanced learning platform on top of the theoretical concepts which I have covered in great detail. I have taken a very easy to understand approach, and I will take you through a flow which will make learning each and every concept very interesting.

Please also note that this course has lot of quizzes to test your learning!!

What you will learn?

You will be learning the following in this course:

  • We will start with an introduction to APIs in general and REST APIs.

  • Then we will look at why API Management is so crucial for businesses these days.

  • After that I will discuss about the REST API which we will be using for this course.

  • Then we start exploring about Apigee. We will start with creating an account in Apigee and then expose our API through Apigee.

  • We will then dive into some basic concepts of Apigee like Developers, Products and Apps. We will also look at Post and Pre Flows and message processing in these flows.

  • We will look at some of the debugging options available in Apigee like Tracing sessions.

  • We will also explore different kinds of policies on Apigee and how we can use them.

  • Then will explore a very basic features of Apigee called Key-Value maps

  • We will also look at sharing flows between API Proxies using Shared Flows

  • Learn about caching in Apigee

  • Learn how to use Message Logging to log messages

  • Then we move on to API security features on Apigee like API Keys, Basic Auth, OAuth 2.0.

  • We will also look at some of the API Analytics capabilities and Reports available from Apigee.

In this course I have explained OAuth 2.0 in great detail and with real-time example and use.

We are going to cover lot of details in this course. So we have lot of theory to learn and lot hands-on exercises to do.

See you in the lectures!

Thanks and all the best!!


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