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Beginning .NET Core MVC, Razor, API, Blazor, Azure, Identity

Beginning .NET Core MVC, Razor, API, Blazor, Azure, Identity

Price: $19.99

Welcome to my course Beginning .NET Core MVC, Razor, API, Blazor, Azure, Identity.

As the title of the course suggests, this is a course for beginners who want to start Web Development with ASP.NET CORE.

But .NET Core Framework is a vast and complex environment with many different technologies. The goal of this course is to get you started with several of those technologies.

Throughout the course we will create a simple Database driven project using several different ASP.NET Core technologies. We’ll use MVC Pattern, Web API and API Client that will consume the API, then Razor Pages, Blazor, and also Azure. Each project will use Entity Framework Core for database access. We will use local server installed with Visual Studio, however, in the last project we will also create and deploy Azure SQL Database, as well as the web app we created. Throughout the course, we’ll be using the well-known NorthWind Database. I will show you how to install it on your local server, and later on Azure.

The structure of this course is different than what you may be familiar with. We will create the exact same project with each of the technology. That’s because the goal of this course isn’t to integrate all the technologies into one project, but to give you a good overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. And that is best done by creating the same project with each individual technology because that allows you to compare how each of the technologies works side by side.

But wouldn’t creating the same project over and over be quite a boring experience? I promise it won’t be. Even though the project remains the same for each technology, I packed each implementation with different ways of doing things. For example, we’ll be using different approach to CRUD operations. In one project we’ll use LINQ queries, in another we’ll use SQL statements, we’ll also use SQL Stored Procedures, and also SQL Client Object Model. We’ll also implement Repository pattern, and add .Net Core Identity to each implementation. We will use Local Server, but also Azure SQL Database. And of course, each technology and requires different approach with different structure for the whole application. So no, it won’t be boring, quite the opposite!

So why to take my course? You see, a typical ASP.Net Core course shows you lots of different concepts by building a single big project. You start with empty template and several hours later you have a finished project with lot of advanced concepts, and technologies. And for some students, this works fine. But a typical beginner usually gets lost half way as the sheer amount of concepts and technologies presented in such course is way too everywhelming. You find yourself mindlessly coding along the instructor, only to realize at the end, that you don’t remember any of the concepts presented at the earlier lessons.

Like I said, the structure of my course is very different. My goal is to not only present the concepts, but also re-enforce them throughout the course. This course is all about .Net Core technologies. This way we can truly concentrate on mastering the ASP.Net Core framework and concepts. So by the end of the course, not only you will remember all the essential knowledge and skills, but you will also understand and remember the more advanced ones as they are introduced slowly, thoughtfully, and in step-by step way.

So get excited to learn a lot of new material and dive into the world of .Net Core. The course makes the learning easy with the mix of introduction of new material, and practical coding! Every step is explained every time to make each project easy to follow.

See you in the course!

Let’s code!


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