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Family  Constellation: Master Course

Family Constellation: Master Course

Цена: $119.99

Family constellationis the method whichfaster than any other psychological method beforehas spread from Germany throughout the world in the last two decades. This approach is powerful in its healing effects and gives insights in solutions for many conflicts in families and couplesand for conflicts within yourself!

В този курс you win a deep understanding about the influence of your family on your problems and on your wellbeing. В 25 exercises you will discover the new insights not only theoretically, but also practically. These guided imaginations allow you to heal personal issues. So that the love for yourself, for your family and for life as a whole will flow even more!

At the same time you start to see others and their difficulties with new eyes. You understand more how and why we humans act.

If you want to become a facilitator of family constellation, this course is a great help!

I practice and teach family constellations since more than 25 years in many parts of the world. In eight books I have described the various aspects of this effective methodthis course contains the essence.

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