Съревновават ли се гепардите с лъвовете?


Докато cheetahs and lions are both big cats, всъщност има много малка конкуренция между двата вида. Лъвовете обикновено ядат възрастни гепарди, докато малките и женските от друга плячка обикновено са в безопасност от хищничество от лъвове.

Cheetahs do compete with lions for prey. Lions are faster and stronger than cheetahs and typically attack the smaller animals first. This competition can result in a high rate of mortality for both predators.

Lions are territorial animals and tend to view cheetahs as a threat because of their speed and ability to take down large prey. Cheetahs, от друга страна, typically hunt solitary game which makes them less reliant on prey quantity or size. This means that while they do occasionally clash over resources, this isn’t typically a life-threatening situation for either species.

Освен това, cheetah populations have exploded in some areas due to conservation efforts that protect them from hunting by humans.

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