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Bible Gateway foundation; Written Torah and the Oral Torah

Bible Gateway foundation; Written Torah and the Oral Torah

Price: Free

This Bible Gateway course based on Jean Jacques Rousseau words In the 17th century;

“At Sorbonne University, There is no doubt that the prophecies about the messiah are referring to Jesus. It is also clear to the Rabbis of Amsterdam, with the same degree of certainty, that they are not connected to Jesus at all!
I think that I will never know what the Jews truly claim as long as they do not have their own free country, Study halls and universities where they can speak and discuss without fear.
Only then will we be able to know what they say.” [Emile 4]

Indeed, the Hebrew nation has returned to its land, despite everyone’s expectations, and is finally beginning to share with the world the secrets that preserved it – and the insights it lives by!

It is a Bible Gateway course since, In this course, you will encounter the earliest fundamental difference between the world attitude towards the Bible [learning the Bible] and the Old Hebrew nation [leaving the Bible]. Those insights are related to every person, regardless of their gender, race, color, or anything else, at the end, we are all children of the same father!

That’s it, We study the Bible differently than the rest of the world, and we are confident, when our way of Bible study will spread all over the world, it will give a good influence on us all to a better world with a good relationship between us all.


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