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Big Data Architecture Using Microsoft Azure

Big Data Architecture Using Microsoft Azure

Price: $79.99

Cloud computing architecture refers to the components and sub components required for cloud computing. These components typically consist of a front end platform, back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery, and a network. Combined, these components make up cloud computing architecture.

  • Big Data : The Vast Changing World Of Data

  • Modern Data Architecture Using Microsoft azure

  • Introduction To Azure & Key Features


    • Different Services In Azure

    • Data Management

    • Identity And Access Management

    • App Services

    • Load Balancer

    • Windows Powershell

    • Container

    • Azure Key Vault

    • Azure Storage Explorer

    • Multy Factor Authentication

  • Azure Portal

  • Azure Resource Groups

  • Introduction To Azure Data Catalog

  • SQL Server Virtual Machine Creation On Azure

  • Connecting Azure SQL Server Using RDP

  • Azure Synapse Analytics(Formerly SQL Data Warehouse)

  • Connect Azure SQL Data Warehouse With SSMS

    • Importing Exporting Data

  • Reading Azure SQL Table Data Using Databricks


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