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Bitrix24 implementation masterclass | Updated October 2020

Bitrix24 implementation masterclass | Updated October 2020

Price: $24.99

The latest course covering all major features of Bitrix24

This course provides months of learning and experience in a 9.5 Hours video course. I have covered aspects of both self-hosted and Cloud hosted version of Bitrix24. Having implemented Bitrix for many companies, I understand the problems general business face and have tried to address many of those issues in this course. Many people in the industry face problem understanding the concept of CRM and Automation. Therefore, I have also tried to give an overview of the subject and why it would benefit their organization.

Some of the topics that we shall be cover in-depth are Task Management to organize your operations, Customer Relationship Management to improve customer satisfaction, and Automation to speed up the services in your company. In the recent course update, I have also covered the creation of a website using Bitrix along with other updates.

I would keep this course updated based on the feedback I receive and the new challenges I face and overcome with my clients. I would also try to answer questions asked on Udemy regarding this course.

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