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Blockchain in Healthcare : The Ultimate Use Case

Blockchain in Healthcare : The Ultimate Use Case

Price: $89.99

** This is a supporting training material for the Certified Blockchain and Healthcare Professional by Blockchain Council. This is the training material only. Certification is not part of this training on Udemy. **

Blockchain is a secure and reliable technology that prevents data breaches in the healthcare industry. The pace of innovation in digital healthcare is gaining with disruptive technologies such as blockchain. Blockchain is undoubtedly a game-changer that is changing the landscape of the healthcare system.

Sign up for this sought-after certification offered by Blockchain Council and explore the fundamentals of blockchain in healthcare through the comprehensive modules carefully curated by industry experts. Learn the art of leveraging blockchain to empower patients and improve the overall healthcare industry.

This course is for you if:

  • You are curious to learn the role of blockchain in healthcare.

  • You are a healthcare professional wanting to explore blockchain.

  • You are a doctor looking to incorporate blockchain in your profession.

  • You are a healthcare administrator wanting to use blockchain for healthcare facilities.

Last Updated: May 2020


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