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Body Language Hacks To Nail Your First Impression

Body Language Hacks To Nail Your First Impression

Price: $94.99

Do you want to be as successful as possible? Mastering body language is a must to accomplish your goals. Perfecting nonverbal communication will help you be more effective in interviews, sales meetings, and any personal or professional interaction. Additionally, it will give you the needed edge over your competitors.

It turns out soft skills are just as crucial as technical proficiency, yet today’s schools and universities don’t prepare us for interpersonal success, whether it be how to dress, how to speak, and/or how to carry ourselves. Enter Street Smart Etiquette, the definitive online course for mastering how we present ourselves to the world.

Taught by Diane Lee, the foremost expert in providing professionals, specifically millennial workers, needed career tools, it offers etiquette best practices to thrive in today’s competitive workforce.

Are you one of the following? Then, this course was made for you!

  • Students

  • Interns

  • Professionals

  • Sales Executives

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Speakers

  • Presenters

  • Authors


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